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Marketing 3.0

Marketing 3.0 is a new platform for marketing that respects customers and vendors as the complex, multi-dimensional human beings that they are. Customers are choosing companies and products that satisfy deeper needs for participation, creativity, community, and idealism. Marketing 3.0 appeals to the human desire for meaningful connection.

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Proven Research

The BOS platform is based on IBM's Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). This model has been used successfully by Fortune 100 companies to implement enterprise-wide software rollouts. Our expert team has an established track record with helping organizations align their business processes to take advantage of technology.

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BOS 360

BOS 360 puts you in complete control - providing ready access to an interconnected system of touch points designed to make managing your online presence simple. BOS 360 allows you to monitor and manage your online assets at a glance with convenient 1-click access to web analytics, social properties, directory listings, search engine rankings and more.

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BOS puts you in complete control of your online assets.


BOS empowers you to create shareable relevant content that solidifies your positioning as the provider of choice in your market.


Connect to your customers, vendors, and potential customers by building value-added online networks.

What Our Clients Say

BOS has provided a measurable improvement in our on-line presence that has also resulted in generating approximately a 35% increase in quality leads.